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About Evangelia

There are a lot of parallels between Evangelia and New York City. Both embody a youthful exuberance and optimism. Both carry the best traits that come along with a rich background of diversity and eclecticism. And both possess a certain timelessness and charisma that leaves you believing you’re in the presence of something very special.

The lyric video for her most recent single, “Hello Again” premiered on to lavish praise. The song features Netflix “13 Reasons Why” star, Christian Navarro. The pair teamed up to write the song as a lover letter to the show’s subject “Hannah Baker” from Christian’s “Tony” character. "We were FaceTime-ing each other while I was in the middle of filming Season Two [of 13 Reasons Why] and I was discussing how time passes between Season One and Season Two, and I needed a better way into my character," Navarro told Billboard of how the collaboration began with his former Rutgers University classmate. "She suggested we write a song about it."

Evangelia is the quintessential modern singer-songwriter seamlessly blending the electronic and organic into a new yet familiar amalgamation. Her music has been favorably compared to fellow NYC singer-songwriters Norah Jones and Ingrid Michaelson for its soulfulness and lyrical integrity. But make no mistake, Evangelia’s style and sound is uniquely her own. Her music and videos have been streamed millions of times across various platforms including the video for her single, “Still Think About You” which has been viewed nearly a million times alone.

Raised in New Jersey and spending summers in Greece, Evangelia was always drawn to the sort of emotional connectivity that good music creates and how different cultures communicate that. Even today it’s the pursuit of that connection that finds her delving nightly into the myriad of local cultural experiences that New York’s creative community provides.